Foundation Year 2018

Welcome to Prep!

This year we have 5 Prep grades full of students eager to get a great start to their school life. There to provide the care and support that our our youngest students require are 4 amazing teachers; Mrs Kim Clarkson, Mrs Madeleine Darling, Miss Lucy Welsh and Mrs Meredith Hyams.


We have had a very busy few weeks in Prep, learning many new things! In particular, we have learnt about sounds, rhyming words, patterns, sorting and 2D shapes. Here’s a photo of us spotting some shapes in our school playground.

Writer’s Workshops

We have had a busy start to Term Two in Prep and are already learning many new things. We have been busy beginning our Writer’s Workshop lessons, learning how to plan and draft writing pieces. We’ve also had lots of fun with our Grade Five buddies, exploring our similarities and differences!

Alphabet Day

Wow! We are officially half way through Prep! Time flies when you’re having fun. Last week the Preps celebrated Alphabet Day, as they have now officially learnt every letter name and sound. We dressed up, danced, played games, had a scavenger hunt and parade to mark the occasion.

Diary Dates

Term 2 2019

Tuesday 4th June - 2020 Prep Tour
Wednesday 5th June - Divisional Cross Country
Wednesday 5th June - Yr 6 Dromana Transition Visit
Wednesday 12th June - 2020 Prep Tour
Monday 17th June - Yr 3 Mornington Excursion
Monday 17th- Friday 21st June - 2020 Prep Enrolment Week
Tuesday 18th June - Parent Forum
Wednesday 19th June - Yr 6 Dromana Transition Visit
Thursday 20th June - Regional Cross Country
Wednesday 26th June - Yr 6 Winter Lightning Premiership
Friday 28th June - End of Term 2, Finish 2.30pm


Term Dates

Term 1 - January 29-April 5
Term 2 - April 22-June 28
Term 3 - July 15-Sept 20
Term 4 - Oct 7-Dec 20


Monday 10th June - Queen's Birthday
Monday 15th July - Curriculum Day
Friday 27th Sept - AFL Grand Final Friday