School Life


Mr Ian Jarman

Ocean Biodiversity

In Grade four this term they have been looking at the topic of Ocean Biodiversity. In art we created paper mache fish and put them together in a display which represents the Great Barrier Reef.

Australian Animals

In Grade Five over the past few weeks the students have been drawing and painting Australian animals from the covers of National Geographic magazines. They have been mixing paint and experimenting with different brushstrokes to create these pictures. These are being displayed outside the library and curved corridor.


In Grade One The Big Idea is : Scientists make discoveries every day.

In Art this week we were Entomologists, a scientist that studies insects. Learning Intention : I can use clay and assorted materials to create a 3D model of and ant showing the different parts.

Diary Dates

Term 2 2019

Tuesday 4th June - 2020 Prep Tour
Wednesday 5th June - Divisional Cross Country
Wednesday 5th June - Yr 6 Dromana Transition Visit
Wednesday 12th June - 2020 Prep Tour
Monday 17th June - Yr 3 Mornington Excursion
Monday 17th- Friday 21st June - 2020 Prep Enrolment Week
Tuesday 18th June - Parent Forum
Wednesday 19th June - Yr 6 Dromana Transition Visit
Thursday 20th June - Regional Cross Country
Wednesday 26th June - Yr 6 Winter Lightning Premiership
Friday 28th June - End of Term 2, Finish 2.30pm


Term Dates

Term 1 - January 29-April 5
Term 2 - April 22-June 28
Term 3 - July 15-Sept 20
Term 4 - Oct 7-Dec 20


Monday 10th June - Queen's Birthday
Monday 15th July - Curriculum Day
Friday 27th Sept - AFL Grand Final Friday