Welcome to Term 1

Year 6

After 6 years of primary school, our Year 6 students have finally reached their final year. As the leaders of the school these students are ready to be role models for our younger children and take on even more responsibility for their learning. The Year 6 teachers set to give these students a fantastic send off are Ms Alissa Worboys, Mr Andrew Kotwas and Ms Suzi McConaghy.

School Leaders

After having a busy break after a very busy Term 1, the Year 6 students really enjoyed getting back in the library. A Year 1 class happened to be in there at the same time so we took advantage of some quality buddy time! The Year 6 students really enjoyed reading to younger students and the Year 1’s loved being read to by our school leaders.

Provocation Stations

The Year 6 students have begun to explore, inquire and unpack our Big Idea for Term 1. Our provocation stations were a big success in drawing some very well thought out and intriguing questions, ideas and classroom discussion. The Big Idea this term is “The Australian government has made decisions that have had consequences for Aboriginal Australians’.

Diary Dates

Term 2 2019

Wednesday 8th May - 3 Way Conferences
Friday 10th May - Mother's Day Stall
Monday 13th May - Yr 2 Coal Creek Excursion
Wednesday 15th May - Yr 6 Dromana Transition Visit
Friday 17th May - House Cross Country
Saturday 18th May - Election Day BBQ
Tuesday 21st May - Yr 1 Melb. Museum Excursion
Wednesday 22nd May - Yr 6 Netball/Girls Football
Wednesday 29th May - District Cross Country
Thursday 30th May - Yr 5 Moonlit Sanctuary Excursion
Wednesday 26th June - Yr 6 Winter Lightning Premiership


Term Dates

Term 1 - January 29-April 5
Term 2 - April 22-June 28
Term 3 - July 15-Sept 20
Term 4 - Oct 7-Dec 20


Thursday 25th April - Anzac Day
Monday 10th June - Queen's Birthday
Friday 27th Sept - AFL Grand Final Friday