Mrs Kristy Trewin


In Science we learn about Biological Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Sciences and Chemical Sciences.  All year levels will study Biology (or chemistry etc) at the same time, but have a different focus, which enables the option to scaffold their learning as they progress through the school from Prep to Year 6.  The students participate in a range of activities that help further their understandings of each area and are encouraged to constantly ask questions to investigate and find the answers. As Scientists we are constantly learning and discovering in the Science room!

Physical and Chemical Changes

In grade 6 we have been learning about physical (reversible) changes and chemical (irreversible) changes.  We have identified what we might observe or notice when a chemical change is occurring, such as changes in colour gases being released, new substances being formed, temperature changes, odours etc. This weeks challenge was to make our thinking visible whilst observing what happens when we mix different substances using a ‘See, Think, Wonder’ chart.  We used hydrogen peroxide, yeast and dish washing detergent.  We observed two chemical reactions taking place, due to adding dish washing detergent to one of the samples, this trapped the release of the oxygen being produced and slowed down the chemical change in that sample.

National Science Week

This week is NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK!!!!!  Exciting! This years theme is Destination Moon, celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the first man on the moon! We have watched footage of the original moon landing, learnt about and designed both natural and artificial satellites, explored the surface of the moon and inquired about gravity and the effects of it on us.  The Grade 2 learning was finding out about the phases of the moon.  We then used Oreo cookies to make a 3D model of the phases…..and of course ate our moons when we were done.

States of Matter

In Grade 5 we have been furthering our understanding of the states of matter.  This week the focus was on liquids.  We learnt that liquids have a flow rate or viscosity, but they can also be heavy or light which is called their density.  We explored whether the viscosity of a liquid was the same as it’s density.  We found out that there is NO RELATIONSHIP between a liquids density and viscosity.  How did we do this? By mixing different liquids together.  The end results were our beautifully amazing density towers.

Diary Dates

Term 3 2019

Mon 9th Sept - Prep Sage Garden Activity
Tues 10th Sept - Footy Day
Thurs 12th Sept - Kids Teach Kids Conference
Fri 13th Sept - Prep Performance Assembly 9am
Tues 17th Sept - School Council Meeting
Fri 20th Sept - Term 3 Ends 2:30pm

Term 4 2019

Mon 7 Oct - Term 4 Starts
Mon 21st - Wed 23rd Oct- Grade 5 City Camp
Wed 20th - Fri 22nd Nov - Grade 6 Camp


Term Dates

Term 1 - January 29-April 5
Term 2 - April 22-June 28
Term 3 - July 15-Sept 20
Term 4 - Oct 7-Dec 20


Monday 10th June - Queen's Birthday
Monday 15th July - Curriculum Day
Friday 27th Sept - AFL Grand Final Friday
Tuesday 5th Nov - Melbourne Cup Day