The Mathematics curriculum is derived from the Victorian Curriculum and cross referenced with a researched based, developmental approach to learning mathematics, also known as ‘point of need’ to ensure every child achieves success and makes progress.


The teaching and learning focus for Mathematics includes incorporating:

– Learning Links, which is a specific sequence of skills and knowledge developed by staff at Red Hill Consolidated School, covering concepts in the major areas of Numeration and Operations. 

– A range of learning tasks which integrate Statistics and Probability and Measurement and Geometry concepts into our Inquiry topics where appropriate, aligned across levels of the curriculum.

– Use of resources including hands-on and real-life equipment, exploring concepts outside through play and investigations, along with computers and technology to enrich learning experiences.

– Rich and Challenging tasks which promote the use of the maths proficiencies from the Victorian Curriculum.

– Reasoning, Problem Solving, Understanding and Fluency. These tasks allow students to work on tasks that are similar in context, however also differentiated for the range of abilities in the classroom. 

– Consistent and common use of mathematical language to ensure children make meaningful connections as they progress through the school.

– Collaboration and discussion of students’ mathematical thinking which develops deeper conceptual understandings.

-Mental mathematics and fluency skills practised through games.

-Students track their learning through goal setting, personal reflection and feedback from teachers. 

– Assessment that is clear and meaningful- teachers use learning tasks, topic and general tests, whole school aligned assessments, observations and student input at specific times to obtain evidence and ensure activities are targeted to the range of learners in classes and all students are able to make progress.