The Mathematics curriculum is derived from the Victorian Curriculum and then cross referenced with the developmental approach to mathematics acquisition developed and published by George Booker. Our Mathematics approach incorporates Learning Links, which covers the major areas of Numeration and Operations. The Learning Links component of Mathematics is a highly developed set of sequenced learning links that help students develop deep conceptual understandings. For the areas of Statistics and Probability and Measurement and Geometry, we use a well mapped scope and sequence to guide teaching practice.

The Contemporary Learning Experience at Red Hill and the Mathematics scope and sequence make use of a range of resources. Teachers draw from a range of resources giving consideration to the needs of their students, the demands of the Learning Exploration and the requirements of the scope and sequence.

The key features of the Mathematics curriculum, teaching and learning include:

  • a thorough mathematics scope and sequence document.
  • an essential consistent understanding around the teaching of Mathematics.
  • a focus on teaching mathematics skills in a contextually relevant approach.
  • clear identification of the relationship between a range of mathematical skills and understandings.
  • teaching that promotes Mathematical thinking and creative problem-solving.
  • mental mathematics practiced for short periods on a regular basis.
  • students developing conceptual understandings above rote driven memorization of fact.
  • the use student tracking sheets in developing transparency and clarity around next steps in learning for Mathematics.
  • common language in Mathematics developed as part of the Learning Links.
  • comprehensive continuous assessment using a range of methods.
  • quality and sufficient resources.