RHCS Inquiry-based Learning Approach

Contemporary Learning Experience
At Red Hill Consolidated School we are passionate about providing our students with the best possible learning experiences. Our Contemporary Learning Experience underpins everything we do.

Understanding CLE

The Contemporary Learning Experience is a modern approach to teaching, learning and curriculum that is in line with best practices from around the world.

Pedagogical features of the Contemporary Learning Experience at Red Hill Consolidated School are learning experiences include:

  • a learning environment that is student centered and involves learning through social interaction.
  • transparent and articulated learning goals and intentions.
  • classroom and school wide learning agreements for all students.
  • teachers learning with and alongside students in partnership with shared assessment and co-­‐developed expectations.
  • technology rich learning experiences.
  • students being actively engaged in and reflecting on an experience.
  • students learning by building on what they already know.
  • students developing higher-­‐order thinking through guidance at critical points in the learning process.
  • recognition that students have different ways of learning.
  • cognitively appropriate forms of instruction.