School Life


Mrs Kristy Trewin


In Science the students attend weekly science lessons where we are all focusing on similar topics each term which slightly vary based on the different year levels.  

Over the year we focus on 3 main areas of Science – Chemical Sciences, Physical Sciences and  Earth and Space sciences. (Biological Sciences are covered in our Sustainability lessons) 

In the junior grades we start with simple science concepts, and how we use our senses to make observations of the world around us, through to our senior students using more critical thinking strategies and the scientific method to report our observations. 

In Earth and Space Sciences we look at weather patterns, changes in the sky, the position of the Earth, moon and Sun and how they interact with each other. This progresses year after year with other year levels continuing and building on these ideas over the years right up to our grade 6 students studying various aspects of our solar system and the extreme weather conditions that affect and change our Earth.    

In Physical sciences the students explore forces, how things move, different forms of energy, and finally Chemical science where we look at mixtures, reactions and of course the states and properties of matter.  

Students are all involved in theory-based lessons with a mix of hands-on investigations. A topical discovery table area is set up where students also get the opportunity to look at scientific models, or investigations/experiments other year levels may be looking at also.  We ask lots of questions in the science room and learn that science isn’t just ‘experiments’ it’s a whole lot more exciting thing!  Each year we have a focus for Science week. The school theme for National Science Week in 2023 will be Innovation: Powering Future Industries. The theme will incorporate the advancement in technology in all industries, especially using artificial intelligence (AI). Our wonderful science captains Cy and Coey will be involved in setting up some science-based activities throughout the week.