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Annual Implementation Plan 2019

Annual Implementation Plan

Annual Report to The School Community

Annual Report

Bullying Prevention

RHCS Bullying Prevention Policy 2019

Child Safe

RHCS Child Safe Code of Conduct 2019

RHCS child safe policy 2019

RHCS Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy 1019

Complaints Policy

RHCS Complaints Policy 2019

Collection of Information Statement

Collection_Statement-primary school (1) (1)

First Aid Policy

RHCS First Aid Policy 062019 doc.la

RHCS Administration of Medication Policy

RHCS Anaphylaxis Policy 2019


Headphones 2021

Mobile Phone Policy

RHCS Mobile Phones Policy Nov 2019

Parent Payment Policy

Parent Payment Policy

Parent Payments Summary

2021 Prep Payment Arrangements and Requirments

2021 Year 1 Payment Arrangments and Requirments

2021 Year 2 Payment Arrangements and Requirments

2021 Year 3 Payment Arrangements and Requirments

2021 Year 4 Arrangments and Requirments

2021 Year 5 Arrangments and Requirments

2021 Year 6 Arrangments and Requirments

2021 Yr 6 Garment Information

School Strategic Plan 2019-2023

Strategic Plan

Statement of Values

RHCS Statement of Values and School Philosophy 2019

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

RHCS Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy 2019

Department Private Policy

Link to Department Website

Visitors Policy

RHCS Visitors Policy 2019

Voluntary Contribution


Volunteers Policy

RHCS Volunteers Policy 2019

Yard Duty Policy

RHCS Yard Duty and Supervision Policy 2019

Cybersafety Policy

Red Hill Consolidated School is committed to ensuring that our students experience Technology through an integrated approach that promotes engagement, motivation and ‘real world application of technology. The school has responsibility to maximise the benefits of using technology, while at the same time to minimise and manage the risks of misuse of the equipment or exposure to inappropriate content. Click to read the full policy.

RHCS Internet Usage Policy

The school aims to improve student learning outcomes by increasing access to worldwide information. It also aims to develop skills in discriminate and appropriate internet usage. Click to view the full policy.

RHCS Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Agreement

At RHCS we support the right of all members of the school community to access safe and inclusive learning environments, including digital and online spaces. This agreement outlines the School’s roles and responsibilities in supporting safe digital learning, as well as the expected behaviours we have of our students when using digital or online spaces. Acceptable Digital Use Agreement 2020

Diary Dates

Term 4 2020

Friday 23rd Oct - AFL Grand Final Public Holiday
Friday 23rd Oct - 2021 Book Payment Summaries Due
Monday 2nd Nov - Curriculum Day
Tuesday 3rd Nov - Cup Day
Monday 16th Nov - Rescheduled School Photos
Monday 30th Nov - Final Day for Essential Items Payment for 2021


Term Dates

Term 1 - Jan 28-Mar 27
Term 2 - Apr 14-Jun 26
Term 3 - July 13-Sept 18
Term 4 - Oct 5-Dec 18


Monday 9th Mar - Labour Day
Friday 10th Apr - Good Friday
Monday 13th Apr - Easter Monday
Saturday 25th Apr - ANZAC Day
Monday 8th Jun- Queens Birthday
Tuesday 3rd Nov- Melbourne Cup