Red Hill Consolidated School

Our School Values
Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Empathy
Red Hill Consolidated School has articulated values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Empathy.  These values are represented within the school rewards program where certificates are presented at assembly and within classroom learning agreements.
Yourself . Others . Property of all . Environment


“I demonstrate respect by showing care and understanding for myself, for others, for property and for the environment. In this, I value all things that make up the amazing world around me.”


Aim High . Make Good Choices. Think it Through . It’s up to You


“I demonstrate responsibility because I can be trusted to aim high, make good choices, and think things through. I am responsible for my behaviour and my learning.”

Keep Going . Be Strong . Have a Go . Stand Up


“I demonstrate resilience by having a go. If I get knocked down or out of my comfort zone, I get back up, keep going and be strong. I am an important and unique individual.”

Be Caring . Be Understanding . Be Mindful . Show Compassion . Be Kind


“I demonstrate empathy by understanding and sharing what someone is feeling and thinking.”


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