Environmental Sustainability 

Mrs Alissa Morrison

Red Hill Consolidated School is extremely excited for the introduction of Environmental Sustainability as a Specialist subject beginning 2023. The aim of this program is to educate and encourage students to become environmentally aware citizens. 

At Red Hill we are lucky enough to have a large school ground with plenty of natural areas, as well as a Garden Centre where students are able to enhance and apply their learning in an outdoor setting. Environmental Sustainability is designed around the Biological Sciences and Geography curriculums, as well as underpinning Red Hill’s Contemporary Learning Experience (CLE) approach for teaching and learning.  

Lessons will also focus on deepening students’ knowledge of biodiversity and natural environments, waste management, food production, local conservation issues, native plants and animals as well as learning about the culture of our local First Nations peoples. Within these lessons, students will also be provided with opportunities to learn from organisations and individuals from within our local community.  

By being exposed to environmentally friendly practices, students will build upon their capacity to feel empowered to make a difference and leave a positive legacy that enriches the lives of others and the natural environment.