Mr Dillon Milenkovic

Physical Education is provided for all Preps through to Year 6’s. Fifty minutes sessions are timetabled. In term 1 and 4, swimming is the focus with Mr Milenkovic, Miss Ruckwood and Mr Nennsteil. In Prep and Year one classes, an adult is provided in each lane to provide the correct ratio with a more beneficial hands on teaching environment. From Year 2 onward a more squad style approach is taken with specific stroke technique, drills and skills as a focus. A water safety awareness week is also provided.

Throughout term 3 and 4, the gymnasium and oval is used for summer and winter sports. Again modified skills, drills and activities are provided for Preps and year one’s to further their fundamental actions to eventually use in game and competitive situations.

House Carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics are run for both participation , a House team winner and also for school team selection. These sports are run at a district, divisional , regional and state level. Lightning premierships are also provided for year 5’s and 6’s where students compete against other schools. These students spend a term learning the rules of the game and practising a game situation before heading off on buses to other venues to play the other 9 schools in out district. Cricket, Volleyball, Softball, HotShots Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Teeball and Netball are the Lightning Premiership sports.

Girls football, Boys netball, Rugby Gala Day, the SSV State Team Selection process (Football, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Rugby, Golf, Tennis and Hockey) are also offered for elite senior students.

Students having fun and leaving each Physical Education lesson with a smile is key to the success of Mr Milenkovic’s lessons.