Our School

At Red Hill Consolidated School, we pride ourselves on having staff that are hardworking, caring and dedicated to providing our students with the best possible education. We work collaboratively as a team and are constantly challenging ourselves to ensure that we are doing all that we can for our students.

Angus Wettenhall


Joanne Barnes

Assistant Principal

Lou Kusel

Head of Wellbeing

Kellie Morton

Danielle Cuttler

Tim Drummond

Kate Durling

Learning Specialist

Jana King

Respectful Relationships Leader 

Molly Clark

Liam Gillick

High Ability Program

Lily Nelson

Belinda Olver

Brooke Loader

Matthew Mitchell

Linda Pinchbeck

Pamela Burcheri

Alice Bainbridge

Melanie Whipp

Lauren Smart

Stacey Dempster

Jacob Mehrtens

Cassie Ellis

Vicki Evans

Rebecca Holmes

Shayna DeGeus

Deanne Holmes

Jenna McBride

Nikki-Lea Diwell

Dillon Milenkovic

Physical Education

Kristy Trewin


Meredith Hyams


Caitlin Sullivan

Performing Arts

Emma Briggs


Bethea Fregon

Visual Arts

Kim Clarkson

Head of Wellbeing 

Clare Morfett

Inclusive Education Coordinator

Claire Storah

Education Support

Anna Goss

Education Support

Tricia Mold

Education Support

Michelle Rushton-Green

Education Support

Nicola James

Education Support

Belinda Rankins

Education Support

Kate Lennard

Education Support

Sophie Jessup

Education Support

Carmel Mitchell

Business Manager

Maria Bushe

Administrations Officer

Rhiannon Petris

Administrations Officer

Jane Lawrance

Administrations Officer

Louisa Boucher

Administrations Officer

Gavin Fallon