Contemporary Learning Experience (CLE)

Year Level 'Big Ideas'
Each cohort of students is provided with a curriculum that meets their individual needs. Our Contemporary Learning Experience provides this opportunity through a strong connection to Victorian Curriculum, meaningful and enriching inquiry and contextually relevant experiences. The Learning Explorations are explored through a variety of ‘Big Ideas’ that grow in complexity over the Year Levels.
CLE in a nutshell


‘Seasons are a cycle that affect living things.’

Year 1

Term 1 – People and Places are Always Changing
Term 2 – Scientists Make Discoveries Every Day
Term 3 – People Share Culture Through Stories
Term 4 – Living Things Rely on Each Other and Their Environment To Survive

Year 2

‘There are similarities and differences between cultures.’

Year 3

‘The way people communicate is constantly evolving.’

Year 4

‘Migration changed the course of Australian history.’’

Year 5

Term 1 – Responsible Digital Citizens Understand their actions have Consequences
Term 2 – Effective Resource Management is Vital to Sustainability
Term 3 –A global community requires peace building and conflict resolution
Term 4 – Innovation requires creative and critical thinking

Year 6

‘Advertising is a creative form of persuasion that influences people.’’