Our School

Student Leaders

Student Leadership is central to our culture at Red Hill Consolidated School. Students are encouraged to take hold of all opportunities presented to them, demonstrate our four School Values and be role models within our school community.

Year 6 Student Leaders

School Captains:

Priya, Charlie, Alex, Milla

Specialist Captains:

Sustainability: Mary & Alice

Music: Ritchie & Will

Art: Barney & Fred

Science: Beth & Ruby

Japanese: Evie & Zahlia

Wellbeing: Mila & Seth

Student Voice Team: Scarlett & Liv 

Reconciliation Action Plan: Olive & Nate 

Events Coordinators: Fletcher & Koby 

Sport House Captains:

Yellow: Finnegan & Flyn
Red: Millie & Aubrey
Green: Josh & Indigo  
Blue: Hudson & Jaxon


Student Voice Team 

At Red Hill Consolidated School we value the voices and opinions of our students. In order to provide them with another avenue to be heard, we have the Student Voice Team (SVT). Students from Year 3 – 6, are selected to represent their grade, the team is run by students from Year 6.

The SVT meet fortnightly on a Friday to discuss feedback from any of the grades, as well as potential fund raisers and future activities.