Music & Performing Arts

Mrs Caitlin Sullivan 

The Performing Arts program provides a 50 minute session each week for all students from a room with a lovely outlook onto our school oval. During class students learn to play a variety of instruments with the music area being extremely well resourced with sets of keyboards, guitars, ukuleles and percussion instruments. Students are provided with opportunities to sing, explore a variety of music genres, learn about the role that music plays in different cultures around the world with a focus on our First Nations peoples. Performing Arts also provides students with the opportunity to explore elements of drama and dance. This space is a safe place for students to be brave, to try new things, is inclusive and it provides an opportunity for students to be creative. 

Performing Arts helps to develop

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem; to be creative, innovative, to demonstrate body awareness, expressive skills and to explore and celebrate human experience, take risks and challenge their own creativity.
  • Performance Skills, Knowledge and Understanding; to apply, analyse the elements, processes, styles and techniques, choreograph, listen, improvise, compose and respond with intent and purpose to engage audiences and create meaning.
  • Appreciative and Artistic knowledge for Arts Practices; across global communities, cultures and traditions; enjoyment and achievement, understanding inter-arts relationship, historical contexts and respect through exploring and playing roles, imagining situations, actions and ideas for arts practices.