The Contemporary Learning Experience at Red Hill Consolidated School acknowledges the critical importance of wellbeing in the lives of our students, community and staff. To ensure that we both prepare our students for the challenges that face them in the future and to equip them with the skills to deal with their current reality we have a well developed Wellbeing Curriculum.


At Red Hill Consolidated School we understand that learning is most effective when students feel safe, included, supported and valued. Staff are committed to supporting and nurturing each and every child’s wellbeing and mental health. This is achieved by a strong focus on developing positive relationships and trust, teaching of values and social competencies through our inquiry framework and weekly explicit lessons and by acknowledging and celebrating every child’s strengths and successes. 


Respectful Relationships 

Respectful Relationships is a social and emotional learning program that is embedded within our school. It supports schools and early childhood settings to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours. It teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. The Royal Commission heard a range of evidence from experts in the field that made clear that for there to be a reduction in rates of violence in the long-term, attitudes and behaviours must change, and school-based programs and culture can drive this change for young people.As a Respectful Relationship school we are committed to:  

  • promoting equal and respectful relations between all people  
  • Promoting non- violent social norms and reduce the effects of exposure to violence  
  • promote access to resources and systems of support 


When things go wrong, staff support children by following a restorative process, in which all parties are involved to problem solve, agree upon of a resolution as well as repair any damage done. Red Hill Consolidated School has established a consistent approach to managing behaviours, with a focus on reflecting on choices and their consequences and also repairing any relationships damaged by this choice. 

Lunchtime clubs are offered to students all year round. Teachers run a range of activities at lunchtime which are well attended by our students. This is a great option for students who may be finding the playground a challenge, but many of our children attend these clubs because they enjoy them. This strategy has improved our instances of negative playground behaviours. 


Mindfulness practices have been used school wide at Red Hill Consolidated School since 2016. Mindfulness is an evidenced based practice that supports students in developing their ability to self-regulate, focus and refocus on learning, and strengthen their positive mental health and mindset. Mindfulness activities are used throughout the school day in every classroom. 


Across the year, our whole school takes part in the following: 

Term 1 

  • Safer Internet Day 
  • National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence  
  • Harmony Week  


Term 2  

We highlight our school value of Empathy and children are invited to complete our 100 Acts of Kindness challenge.  


Term 3 

Gratitude is in the spotlight, when we ask our school community to consider the aspects of our life that we feel thankful for. Regularly considering the great things around us has proven benefits for general happiness and mental health.  


Term 4  

Students have the opportunity to complete a mental health challenge, encouraging our students to improve their physical activity, mindfulness, sleep and diet, whilst reducing their screen time.  


All of these initiatives are promoted and celebrated in our school assemblies and newsletter.