This year we have 4 Prep grades full of students eager to get a great start to their school life. There to provide the care and support that our our youngest students require are 4 amazing teachers; Mrs Kim Clarkson, Miss Deanne Holmes, Miss Jenna McBride and Mrs Meredith Hyams.

Term 1


In English we begin the year by sharing oral stories. This builds an important foundation for understanding illustrated stories and is the basis of our writing process. We establish a culture of reading in our class, identifying why reading is important. Learners are exposed to a variety of different picture stories as we begin to explore the features of texts. We look at the 15 writing shapes that assist us to form our letters correctly before moving onto letter formations. We spend a lot of time developing our gross and fine motor skills to support our future learning.



We approach Mathematics through hands on experiences in the classroom and exploration in the outdoors. We begin Numeration by sorting and ordering objects and move onto creating and explaining patterns. This is followed by the introduction of one to one matching of objects and recognising and recording single digit numbers. We also develop student’s ability to think about numbers and strengthen their understanding of mathematical concepts through both written tasks and the manipulation of concrete materials. Additional Maths content covered this semester will also include two-dimensional shapes and days of the week.


Learning Exploration

The primary focus in Prep is the continued development of the whole child. Hands on learning allows us to foster social, physical, emotional and cognitive development.

In Term One, Preps explore the Big Idea ‘People Make Choices that Affect Themselves and Others’. During this unit, learners find out about themselves and how their actions can impact on themselves and others. We discuss how important it is to take responsibility for our choices and explore the different outcomes.

Semester One is about familiarising the students with the routines and expectations of school. Lining up and attending specialist classes are new experiences for many students. The emphasis is on ensuring that your child’s transition to school is a positive and rewarding experience.