Welcome to Term 2

Year 6

After 6 years of primary school, our Year 6 students have finally reached their final year. As the leaders of the school these students are ready to be role models for our younger children and take on even more responsibility for their learning. The Year 6 teachers set to give these students a fantastic send off are Ms Alissa Worboys, Mr Andrew Kotwas and Ms Suzi McConaghy.

New Learning Spaces

It has been a busy start into Term 3 for Year 6’s moving into our brand new state of the art classrooms.  As the Year 6’s are beginning to settle in to our new spaces, we are also introducing our Big Idea for Term 3.
During Term 3 in Year 6, students have been introduced to the big idea ‘Sustainable societies require structures and dynamic systems’.  The students have been investigating what sustainability is within our weekly report reading tasks.  We have also been exploring the concepts of societies, dynamic systems and structures during our Learning Explorations lessons.  These activities are leading up to the students future knowledge of sustainability, the systems needed to support sustainability and the ways countries around the world are maintaining societies that are sustainable.
Diary Dates

Term 4 2019

Fri 1st Nov - Yr 5 Science Expo Excursion
Tues 12th Nov- 2nd Prep Transition
Thurs 14th Nov- Girls and Boys Regional Cricket
Tues 19th Nov- School Council
Wed 20th - Fri 22nd Nov - Yr 6  Waratah Beach Camp
Fri 6th Dec- Prep Scienceworks Excursion
Thurs 12th Dec- Innovators Arcade
Thurs 12th Dec- Christmas Carols
Fri 13th Dec- Colour Run
Mon 16th Dec- Grade 6 Graduation
Tues 17th Dec- School Council
Wed 18th Dec- Grade 6 Activities Day


Term Dates

Term 1 - January 29-April 5
Term 2 - April 22-June 28
Term 3 - July 15-Sept 20
Term 4 - Oct 7-Dec 20


Monday 10th June - Queen's Birthday
Monday 15th July - Curriculum Day
Friday 27th Sept - AFL Grand Final Friday
Tuesday 5th Nov - Melbourne Cup Day