Contemporary Learning Experience (CLE)

Learning Explorations
The curriculum structure at RHCS involves the use of Learning Explorations as an overarching theme that drive student learning and provide a meaningful context within which the skills base necessary for learning success can be developed. There are 4 dynamic learning explorations that are explored throughout each year level with a specific ‘Big Idea’ explored throughout a single year.
CLE in a nutshell
Understanding Ourselves

Students investigate the way in which we perceive ourselves as human beings and our responsibility towards the well-being of ourselves and others. Investigation includes exploring our understanding of ourselves as individuals, our place within society and how we are influenced by the society that surrounds us. Students also exploring the systems within which we operate on a daily basis and the manner in which this is impacted on by leadership.

World Views

As part of this Learning Exploration students will conduct an investigation with the aim of enhancing our understanding of the role of a global citizen within the contemporary world. Students investigate the rights, responsibilities and diversity of individuals, organisations, governments and leaders with this context. We explore the impact culture has on perspective as well as its role in developing identity. Students explore the interdependent nature of a globalised community, including our role in enhancing social justice, through the protection of human rights, peace building and conflict resolution, and understanding our indigenous past and our modern place in Asia.

Human Endeavour

As part of this Learning Exploration students will conduct an investigation looking into the diverse range of human endeavour across history. Exploring the role of humans in the development of technology, scientific discovery and the expansion of our knowledge base. Investigating the role creativity and design plays in the area of innovation and communication. Understanding the discovery and exploration that has shaped human history.


As part of this Learning Exploration students will conduct an investigation where they will discover the necessity of sustainability through investigations into ecological systems. They explore the interdependence of these systems, including the impact of human lifestyles, actions, decisions, consumption and change. To ensure a sustainable life we investigate our responsibility to manage resources, conserve and adapt to retain balance and diversity.